GLL Episode 2242

CLL #2242 (feat. Jack Osbourne)

05/03/2004Monday Night Show

SourceTucker Stream Recording (2004) with a Fan Stream Recording (2004) Patch

This episode is 100% complete with a medium audio upgrade, a newly sober Jack Osbourne is in studio to promote his work along with Drew in the movie ‘New York Minute’ their costar Andy Richter was scheduled to appear as well however as later revealed he took an edible earlier in the evening and was too messed up to even remember he was booked. Adam and Jack go in depth on Adam’s struggle to play modern first person shooter video games, in particular ‘Medal of Honor: Rising son’ too bad Jack never did teach Adam how to get out of his bunk in the lower decks.

A caller inquires about the LoveLine tape archives and they’re told lies in response with flimsy logic about possible legal jeopardy despite voluntarily giving police tapes of the show without a warrant, apparently archived LoveLine is only for the local police not for the listeners who actually paid everyone’s salary. Too bad LoveLine was never turned into a podcast with over 100 million downloads that made millions in additional revenue for the parent company, the caller was 9 years too early and probably dropped dead before they ever got to hear an archived episode.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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