GLL Episode 2154

CLL #2154 (feat. Best Of)

12/31/2003Wednesday Night Show

SourceFan Stream Recording (2003)

This episode is 99.9% complete with a medium audio upgrade, it opens with the old intro but features clips with music singles not released until 2003. Unclear what is going on with this recording, most of the affiliates broadcast music in place of the show, in particular the main streaming station out of SFO. This could be a misdated show, used as a filler by fans wanting a “complete” 2003 that doesn’t exist or it could be Anderson running out of Best Of and using his leftover emergency episode as the final bit of 2003. The outro had to be added in post and could be incorrectly applied depending on the actual lineage of this recording.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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