GLL Episode 2146

CLL #2146 (feat. Christopher Titus)

12/21/2003Sunday Night Show

SourceTucker Stream Recording (2003) with Fan Stream Recording (2003) Patches

This episode is 100% complete with a medium audio upgrade, Christopher Titus returns to the show for his fourth appearance. Christopher goes in depth on his experience getting sober and falling on a bonfire, his mother’s suicide and the story of how she killed her last husband. Drew’s dogs are in studio and one has terrible gas throughout the episode and with the audio upgrade you can even hear the dogs start to scrap as they return from a break. Drunk Marcus calls in and Titus has a secret recording of his wife for the boys to marvel at. “Comfortable Shoe” LoveLine at its finest. The buzzing during the first segment is from the fan stream recording and vanishes aside from two small patches for the rest of the episode.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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