GLL Episode 2114

CLL #2114 (feat. Bow Wow Wow)

11/05/2003Wednesday Night Show

SourceKNRK CD Stream Recording (2022) with a Tucker Stream Recording (2003) Patch

This episode is 100% complete with a medium audio upgrade, Bow Wow Wow with Adrian Young from ‘No Doubt’ joining them in studio for this episode and for their session recordings. Bow Wow Wow were on the show previously pre Adam era, while Anabella was still a young teenager and Adrian is returning to the show for his third and final appearance of the Adam era though he returns to the show post Adam in 2008.  Bow Wow Wow are great guests, Adrian is pretty solid as well aside from when he reiterates what an Asshole Adam was for “insulting Gwen” by asking if another member of their band was from India or Native American in response to her bragging about being in an interracial relationship on the show back in 1995, revealing that even her fellow band members culturally appropriate other people’s imagined pain for her. Anabella records the first ‘Germany or Florida’ theme and the boys have an epic fight that makes everyone even more uncomfortable than the infamous CLL #41 (feat. No Doubt) from 1995.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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