GLL Episode 2037

CLL #2037 (feat. Eddie Kaye Thomas)

07/21/2003Monday Night Show

SourceTucker Stream Recording (2003) with Fan Stream Recording (2003) Patches

This episode is 100% complete with a medium audio upgrade, Eddie is making his third and final appearance of the Adam era and it proves to be a fitting end to his trilogy of solid appearances. Eddie a huge fan of the show is able to expertly flow with the program and enhances the levity throughout. Anderson and ‘Terra Don’t Call Me Tara Goddammit’ are both on vacation and Miriam uses that information to attempt one of her flimsiest attempts a bogus call that Adam deems embarrassing. The speak to “Evil Good Looking Kelly” whom Adam offers a job in Terra’s absence, to ridicule and demean the staff.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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