GLL Episode 1863

CLL #1863 (feat. Tommy Chong)

11/19/2002Tuesday Night Show

SourceKNRK CD Recording (2021) with a Stream Recording (2002) Patch

This episode is 100% complete with a medium audio upgrade, Tommy Chong is making his 2nd and final appearance on CLL during the Adam era, he was previously on CLL #1238 in the year 2000. Adam shares his pitch for ‘AIDs Butler’ which some fans have misunderstood, thinking it was a ripoff of other sitcom ideas, unaware it was intentionally playing off the old trope of someone having to be a servant as repayment for a debt with a real life and modern angle applied to exaggerate the premise to extreme lengths for comedic purposes. Tommy proves to be a solid guest and they get some decent calls. Solid episode.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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