GLL Episode 1815

CLL #1815 (feat. Janeane Garofalo with Stryker)

09/12/2002Thursday Night Show

SourceStream Recording (2002)

This episode is 100% complete with a minor audio upgrade. Janeane is making her 2nd and final appearance on LoveLine. Stryker is filling in for Adam for a single night, unfortunately due to several key misunderstandings the evening’s events snowballed into Janeane becoming upset and missing the irony and sarcasm of Anderson’s drop selections, coupled with Stryker’s previous proven track record of running female guests off the show forever and Drew’s inability to slow things down and properly explain the context as Adam would have done, Janeane leaves the program thinking that the hosts, Anderson and the show itself are sexist and or racist. Anderson who was so traumatized by the accusations had convinced himself that Adam Carolla had caused Janeane to never return to the show until I was able to send him this file and correct his memory of the events that transpired.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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