GLL Episode 1626

CLL #1626 (feat. Best Of CLL #1568, #1585, #1582 and #1493)

12/23/2001Sunday Night Show

Source Stream Recordings (2001) with Lost Tape (2020) Patches

This episode is 100% complete, it’s composed of episodes featuring Cypress Hill, The Deftones, Third Eye Blind, Travis and 311. All of these episodes are available in full with superior audio quality in most cases. This episode features a repeating 3rd segment with Stephen from Third Eye Blind, either due to a mistake made by Anderson back in 2001 while assembling this show and chopping out time sensitive information or possibly by a fan who removed the songs and may have attempted to edit the show themselves. I have restored it the best possible to match the existing file.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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