GLL Episode 1443

CLL #1443 (feat. Ann Danielewski (Poe) and Mark Z. Danielewski)

04/10/2001 Tuesday Night Show

SourceLost Tape (2020) with Unknown Stream Recording (2001) patches

This episode is now 100% complete and newly remastered, the missing 13 minutes have been restored. Poe is making her final appearance on CLL, her brother Mark is making his only appearance. Poe is one of the greatest guests in LL history, it’s too bad she didn’t continue to appear on the show. 

From Wiki: Poe (born Anne Decatur Danielewski) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.[2][3][4][5][6] Poe’s musical style is a blend of rockjazzelectronicafolk, and hip hop elements combined with intimate lyrical compositions.[4][5][7][8][9][10] Many of Poe’s songs have been featured in films and on television.[11] Poe first hit the modern rock charts in 1995.[12][13]

Some of her early charting singles included “Angry Johnny“, “Trigger Happy Jack“, “Hello“, and “Hey Pretty.”[14][15][16] Videos for these singles had heavy rotation on MTV.[4][14][17][18] Poe spent six years with Atlantic Records[19] and is currently on her own label, Repoezessed Music Records.[19]

Noteworthy was Poe’s early involvement with her online community of fans. Her web site, and the fan sites that supported her early in her career, predated modern social networking platforms and were among the first of their kind.[20][21] Atlantic Records’ Senior Vice President of New Media, Nikki Sleight, referred to Poe’s online power and one-on-one communication with thousands attending her concerts as “unheard of and pretty phenomenal” in Sleight’s 1997 interview with Web Magazine.[22]

In 2004, she co-founded the digital innovations agency Signature Creative Inc with John Gheur.[23]

In September 2014, Poe received the title of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador due to her invitation by Yoko Ono to participate in a UNICEF campaign and her donated performance. The campaign launched a world version of John Lennon‘s classic song “Imagine” featuring dozens of musical artists from around the world. Poe joined others singing in the music video that included a video clip of John Lennon that spearheads a global campaign by UNICEF to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

From Wiki: Mark Z. Danielewski (/ˈdæniəlɛfski/; born March 5, 1966)[2] is an American fiction author. He is most widely known for his debut novel House of Leaves (2000), which won the New York Public Library’s Young Lions Fiction Award.[3][4] His second novel, Only Revolutions (2006), was nominated for the National Book Award.[5]

Danielewski began work on a proposed 27-volume series, The Familiar, although he completed only 5 volumes before halting the project in 2017.

Danielewski’s work is characterized by an intricate, multi-layered typographical variation, or page layout. Sometimes known as visual writing,[6] the typographical variation corresponds directly, at any given narratological point in time, to the physical space of the events in the fictional world as well as the physical space of the page and the reader. Early on, critics characterized his writing as being ergodic literature, but recently, Danielewski, who has commented on his disappointment with criticism’s inability to properly confront his work,[7] expressed his theoretical approach to literature:

Signiconic = sign + icon. Rather than engage those textual faculties of the mind remediating the pictorial or those visual faculties remediating language, the signiconic simultaneously engages both in order to lessen the significance of both and therefore achieve a third perception no longer dependent on sign and image for remediating a world in which the mind plays no part.”

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