GLL Episode 1429

CLL #1429 (feat. James Roday, Samantha Mathis and Ken Marino)

03/21/2001 Wednesday Night Show

SourceUnknown Stream Recording (2001)

This episode is now remastered and 100% complete. The missing 13 minutes have been restored. One of the all time funniest episodes in CLL history, all 3 guests are fantastic, Ken is making his 2nd known and final appearance on CLL, James and Samantha are both making their only appearances on the show. James and Adam have a killer rapport, it’s a shame he never guested on the ACS during his run on ‘Psych.’ 

From Wiki: First Years is an American legal drama that aired on NBC from March to April 2001. It is a remake of the British series This Life.[1] The series premiered on March 19, 2001, but was canceled after only three of the nine episodes produced had aired.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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