GLL Episode 1413

CLL #1413 (feat. Henry Rollins)

02/27/2001 Tuesday Night Show

SourceBryan M. KNRK CD Recording (2020)

This episode has been missing for 19 years, now it’s being released 100% complete with cleaned up audio from the original source. Henry is making his 6th known appearance of the Adam era. He returns to the show again in August of 2001 for his 7th appearance. Nobody has heard this since it originally aired, let’s all listen together and find out what happened.

From Wiki: Henry Lawrence Garfield (born February 13, 1961), better known as Henry Rollins, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, presenter, comedian, and activist.[1][2][3] He currently hosts a weekly radio show on KCRW, is a regular columnist for Rolling Stone Australia, and was a regular columnist for LA Weekly.[4]

After performing in the short-lived band State of Alert in 1980, Rollins fronted the California hardcore punk band Black Flag from 1981 to 1986. Following the band’s breakup, he established the record label and publishing company 2.13.61 to release his spoken word albums, and formed the Rollins Band, which toured with a number of lineups from 1987 to 2003 (and again in 2006).

Rollins has hosted numerous radio shows, such as Harmony in My Head on Indie 103, and television shows such as The Henry Rollins Show120 Minutes, and Jackass. He had recurring dramatic roles in the second season of Sons of Anarchy, in the final seasons of the animated series The Legend of Korra as Zaheer, and has also had roles in several films. He has campaigned for various political causes in the United States, including the promotion of LGBT rightsWorld Hunger Relief, the West Memphis Three, and an end to all war.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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