GLL Episode 1401

CLL #1401 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts)

02/11/2001 Sunday Night Show

SourceStream Recording (2001) 

This is still the only known copy of the episode, it’s 100% complete however it’s only 16khz, it’s been upconverted, normalized and processed in an attempt to achieve greater clarity, with such a stepped on compressed recording the results are still rough, the only bright side is the lack of any static or noise, it’s just the low quality and fidelity that hinders enjoyment. It could be worse, it could be one of the 11khz recordings. This is what every episode used to sound like.

The Love Between The Two Hosts – CLL on Youtube, with Video for select episodes.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

Check out His Website and Soundcloud to hear more of his awesome work and perhaps commission him for your next project.