GLL Episode 1352

CLL #1352 (feat. No Forcefield and Vanessa Kay)

12/04/2000 Monday Night Show

SourceDebbi and Chris Tape (2019) with KNRK CD Patches (2019)

No Forcefield and Vanessa are both making their only appearances on CLL, the episode is 100% complete sourced from 2 brand new recordings. Drew is in Milwaukee, the band included Larry from Primus and Arj Barker. Solid Ep.

From IMDb: Vanessa Kay was born in 1977. She is an actress, known for Devil Girl (2007), Crossballs: The Debate Show (2004) and Comment les étrangers voient le Français – Mat & Swann (2016).  No Forcefield was a band consisting of Extrakd, The Filthy Ape (Adam Gates), Ler (Larry LaLonde), and Brain (Bryan Mantia) with guest appearances by DJ Disk (Luis Quintanilla) and DJ Flare. The band last released music in 2002, and last performed live in 2001.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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