GLL Episode 1246

CLL #1246 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts)

07/09/2000 Sunday Night Show

Source – Debbi and Chris Tape (2019)

The previous fan file has been replaced, someone over the past 2 decades edited the partial recordings from 07/09 and 07/10 together, after scouring the tapes, it seems only the first break is from CLL #1246, the rest of the file is a duplicate of CLL #1247 which has been replaced with a complete copy restoring the missing 40%. This episode is sadly only 20% complete. It’s all we got!  Edit: 01/2019 – A Debbi and Chris tape now replaces the partial fan file, the episode is now 99% complete just missing the closing goodbye segment and a few seconds at the top of the 2nd hour. Adam eats popcorn balls into the mic and the episode running time is 5-6 minutes too long, possibly due to the tape age pitch/tempo/speed degradation that’s been corrected in post or due to a commercial I somehow missed.

The Love Between The Two Hosts – CLL on Youtube, with Video for select episodes.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

Check out His Website and Soundcloud to hear more of his awesome work and perhaps commission him for your next project.