GLL Episode 848

CLL #848 (feat. Orgy) – 12/29/1998 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – JBJ Tape (2008)

Another JBJ Tape that is the only source for an episode, just like the last one. Orgy are making their 1st of 2 appearances on CLL, two band members return in 2000. This episode has some gambling, some shutting off of Drew’s mic which fans on LoveLineTapes are split on, some hate it, some love it. You decide for yourself. This episode is roughly 98% complete, just missing a minute or so at the top of the show, another minute or less from the start of the 2nd hour (Tape Flip) and the closing break.

From WikiOrgy is an American rock band formed in 1994, from Los Angeles, California.[1] Orgy described their industrial rock music as “death pop”.[2] The band is best known for their cover version of the New Order song “Blue Monday“.


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