GLL Episode 846

CLL #846 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts) – 12/27/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source – JBJ Tape (2008) with Tobydog Tape (2007) patches

This is a brand new merging for this wonderful episode. Using the incorrectly dated JBJ tape for the base and the Toby tape to cover up some heavy static and a few missing holes. Adam and Drew are in rare form with “Cum Stones”, “Groom You For His Abuse Farm” and “They do have washing machines. They have women. They’re washing machines you can have sex with.” Plus Adam tells the story of defecating in a decorative popcorn tin. Episodes #844 and #845 are still lost to time, but we do know that Best Of was programmed for holidays, it was up to the affiliates to choose to play them or not, so this is definitely #846 and somewhere out there #844 and #845 are rotting in a dump/transmitting across the universe. We do not have to renumber 2635 shows, rejoice! 100% Complete Episode.

UnclePenny’s LoveLineTapes Notes: This is a bit of an odd show seeing how it was just 2 days after Christmas. It really is a great show though, definitely worth a listen. Drew brought some of those stupid Furby toys into the studio. He set them next the mic so people could hear them but Adam asks engineer Mike to shut the mic off. A couple minutes later he has to ask him again.

Drew just got back from a trip to Beaver Creek with his family. Adam explains why he doesn’t like skiing and skiers. Halfway into the first call Drew is forced to smother the furbies once again to stop making noise. A caller brings up Adam doing Dingle Boy. Sherry gets on the mic and explains that she would wear an engagement ring along with her wedding band but was too poor to afford both. She speaks a couple times in this show. Adam calls the two month’s salary tip for buying a ring recockulous. He compares it to the 3,000 mile oil changes that could be stretched out a couple more thousand.

Drew tells a girl that she is being groomed for an “abuse farm.” Engineer Mike says that Drew bought him a very nice pocket watch for Christmas. Meanwhile Adam got him a decorative popcorn tin. I believe this triggers the first popcorn tin reference. It sounds like the first one because Drew is shocked at him crapping in it.

A great South Park intro is played. Adam announces Producer Ann is on vacation. He got her some sea salts for Christmas.

Dr. Drew says he ran into Mrs. Fields at the airport, yes Mrs. Fields from the cookies they sell in vending machines. She has 10 kids and is actually pretty good looking. The next call is one of the most bizarre ones I’ve heard. A guy named Art is 75 years old! Possible the oldest caller ever.

In 1998 a caller named Eva was 73. Art says he smokes weed out of a pipe with a doctors prescription to stop leg pains. His wife died in 1996 and he’s now dating a 43 year old and she wants
him to get circumcised.

Adam mentions Christof, his German brother in-law. He complains how Stone Stanley gave him a $1000 Christmas bonus but KROQ did nothing and MTV gave him socks and didn’t invite them to the Christmas party. He talks about covering the OJ Simpson trial and not being reimbursed for an $18 parking fee. Adam tells a story about sneaking into the Weeze’s refrigerator and getting caught by the dad named Stan. Caller Kim’s boyfriend has a tattoo of a barcode. The artist said as long as the needle didn’t have dried blood on it then he would be safe. Adam asks a question about genocide which makes Drew dig out the dictionary and look up the definition.

An intro by the Nelson twins is played. Adam says they were nice guys but it was very uncomfortable when a clip of him bashing Gunner was played.

This was when one of the Morrell twins said she
was dating him. This show with the Morrell twins is now available. So I guess it turns out it was Engineer Mike and not Anderson that
played this trick on Adam. There’s a cool promo for Monday Night Football but then they guy says “Join me, Ted Stryker…” A caller says Adam was hitting on his cousin. They were actually good friends back in the day. There’s a funny drop of Victoria Jackson saying “there’s something wrong with his testicles?”


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