GLL Episode 843

CLL #843 (feat. Best Of) – 12/22/1998 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – TobyDog Tape (2008)

This is again the only source for this best of episode, featuring clips of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Chris Kataan, Caroline Rhea and Sean Lennon, all shows from 1998 that have aired in the G.I.O. Feed. GLL episodes #844 and #845 are still missing, if they exist. Holiday Best Of was typically edited in batches of 5, it’s unclear if they aired best of on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas, many affiliates aired other content, often Christmas themed music/religious stuff. For the sake of the numbering of the show we cannot remove any dates from the possible episode list, at some point we will remove all best of episodes from the official Total Production Number of original episodes.

UnclePenny’s LoveLineTapes Notes: 0:00-45:50 – Matt Stone and Trey Parker (Aired 1998-07-27)
46:53: – 1:07:51 – Caroline Rhea (Aired 1998-09-14)
1:08:271:18:30 – Chris Kattan (Aired 1998-10-07)
1:18:551:35:00 – Sean Lennon (Aired 1998-07-28)

– Same intro from Adam and Drew as the 1998-12-20 and 1998-12-21 Best of shows, just different guests/order of guests. I am going to say this aired on 1998-12-22. All shows are from 1998 and this aired after October 7th.


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