GLL Episode 841

CLL #841 (feat. Best Of) – 12/20/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source – TobyDog Tape (2008)

This is again the only source for this best of episode, featuring clips of Cypress Hill, Garey Busey, Everlast, Chris Kattan and Caroline Rhea. Once Again all shows from 1998 that have aired in the G.I.O. Feed.

UnclePenny’s LoveLineTape Notes: The first guest is Cypress Hill. Adam says B-Real is starting to look like an accountant. He announces he has become a conservative stoner.

Caller Tera corrects Adam when he calls her Tara.

A guy named Scott says they do a sick show. Drew asks gets a bit confused by his comment. Here’s how it sounded:

Scott: I also want to say to Dr. Drew and Adam, you guys do a sick show.
Adam: Thanks…
Drew: Is that a good thing?
Adam: That’s good.

The next guest is Gary Busey. When they go into the segment, Drew is talking on the phone in the other room.

A 16 year old guy has a job working at a lamp store. Adam says he wouldn’t know how to react if someone told him they work at a lamp store.

The next guest is Everlast. This segment doesn’t seem familiar so it may not be in the 37 minute long version.

Adam does his Tim (Teeem) the Russian Rapper impersonation. Adam says it was funny when they went to the beach because Nate was really skinny and Tim weighed about 250 pounds. On the way to the beach, they’d listen to rap music in Adam’s truck and he’d rap along. Adam does the two rhymes Tim would often do and Everlast says he may sample him on his next record.

Chris Kattan is the next guest.

Adam says they were recently in Syracuse, NY. They were speaking at Syracuse University and Drew accidently offended allot of the students after the first question. Adam says the rest of the thing was just him picking up the pieces.

A girl says she’s seen Chris’s movie in the theatre 4 times.

Adam and Drew are going to be traveling soon. Adam suggests they don’t talk while on the road. Drew brings up how he never shuts up when they’re on a plane and Adam says he’ll make an exception on the no talking rule for plane rides.

The Goo Goo Dolls are the next guest. Adam asks Drew if he should be touching the monitor screen because it’s going to have to last Westwood None for a long time.

The first caller says Drew is cute but Adam is a pimp. A Goo Goo Dolls song is played.

The last guest is Caroline Rhea. She says whenever she goes to speak at colleges all the posters say her show is free. Adam says they were DeKalb……… and a girl stood up and asked a question in an interesting way.

A caller says he has a way for Adam to finally get the video “Spank Me, F Me.” The video apparently stars Kayla Cleavage and Minka.


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