GLL Episode 838

CLL #838 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts) – 12/15/1998 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with Tobydog Tape (2008) Patches

This is a new Kevin Tape. Adam predates ‘The Friend Zone’ with FriendVille, Drew says the night before he almost stopped caring about the show because they were so out of it.

UnclePenny’s LoveLineTapes Notes: Drew says the night before he almost stopped caring about the show because they were so out of it.

Adam and Drew were listening to the show where Adam lit his farts and mention they will put it on one of the best of shows coming up over the holiday break. Adam threatens to smack Drew in the back of the head for eating a throat lozenge.

Engineer Mike says Drew was spilling coffee all over the place from laughing so hard during the lit farts show and had to leave the room.

Caller Ann is an incredibly dumb caller. She is in
college and messing around with her boss. Here are a couple of the things they ask her.

Drew: Is he a student there?
Ann: Yeah, I’m a student.
Adam: Are your mom and dad still together?
Ann: Yeah
Adam: Do you like him?
Ann: Who?
Adam: WHO?
Ann: My boss?

Caller Angela is a stripper. She cannot understand why guys like going to strip clubs so Adam has to explain it to her.

Caller Mike is suspected of using a false name. He is asked to spell Michael and he screws it up/messes with them because he’s so high. When Adam asks what his question is he says he forgot.

A guy calls in who is an air traffic controller. Adam goes to use the reverb button but then finds out there is another button that makes it sounds like he’s on a phone.

Adam says his sister is coming back from Germany. She just bought a house and is going to have Adam start working on it.

A stripper calls in to yell at Adam and Drew for calling strippers abused. Adam has Drew’s mic shut off so he can talk to her alone. He tells Drew to go do something while he’s talking to her. It turns out the caller dated a 19 year old when she was 15 and the guy drowned.

Adam takes another stab at engineer Mike’s army cot apartment. Later he talks about being on the show Two guys, a girl and a pizza place.

At the end of the show Adam punches up
everyone on hold and tells them they can’t talk because the show’s over and hangs up on them.

At the very end they mention their episodes of Space Ghost will be aired soon.


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