GLL Episode 837

CLL #837 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts) – 12/14/1998 – Monday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with TobyDog Tape (2008) Patches

This is a new Kevin Tape Upgrade

UnclePenny’s LoveLineTapes Notes: This is a great no guest show. It is actually a more complete version of the show labeled 11/xx/1998 with 73 year old caller Eva. There are also allot of callers who are dumber than usual.

The guest for this show is the “love that the hosts find between the two of them.”

Apparently a dentist called earlier who offered to bleach Adam’s teeth for free over the holiday break. Before Adam can start ranting about dentists and the garbage men that come to his house, Drew takes a call. It sounds like the caller is playing the wooden block game Jenga. She won’t fess up to there being a ton of noise in the background. She is nothing but trouble for the rest of the call and ends up getting put on hold.

The next couple callers are just complainers about how the show is handled.

The next caller is a gay German/Irish chef and sounds like he’s going to come through and get the show back on track but he drops the F bomb twice in about 30 seconds and is put on hold as well. What’s odd about this guy is that he has the male equivalent of the little girl voice that is heard so much. He has some really bizarre stories to tell about his past.

Adam says something about the band Goldfinger and Drew says “no way!” like he’s really interested in the band.

Adam makes fun of engineer Mike’s army cot in his apartment. This causes him to play the “and that’s funny why???” drop.

This show has the return of 73 year old caller Eva. She talks about her 6 week honeymoon and using a series of graduated glass cylinders. She also reveals she’s been married 4 times. Adam offers to set her up with engineer Mike.

Adam compares doing comedy for Drew is like doing comedy for a raccoon.

Adam talks about kids having braces and how kids with headgear got made fun of. During the next break Drew tells Adam he used to wear a hear set when he was 9 years old.

When he talks about wearing it to school Adam makes fun of his albino hemophiliac school.

A caller by the name of Stacy drops another F bomb and the whole word gets through. A drop is played where Adam once said the F word on the air and it got bleeped out. A recording of this show doesn’t seem to exist though. The girl’s 23 year old boyfriend has been working at McDonalds for a year and hasn’t gotten a promotion. Adam then goes off on how much he resented his former boss Ken when he was working at McDonalds.

There is a good pie


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