GLL Episode 833

CLL #833 (feat. Ryan Reynolds and Traylor Howard) – 12/08/1998 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape (2017) with Kevin Tape (2016) and TobyDog Tape Patches

This is a new Lost Tape restoring the lost 24 minutes of show content, the episode is now complete and sounds insanely great. Ryan is making his 1st of 2 appearances on CLL, he returns in 2002. This is the show I tried to get to the Deadpool producers, as LoveLine was originally featured in several drafts of the screenplay for the film, too late I guess. Dingo Boy is discussed.

From WikiTwo Guys and a Girl (originally titled Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place) is an American sitcom created by Kenny Schwartz and Danny Jacobson. It was originally broadcast on ABC from March 10, 1998, to May 16, 2001. Eighty-one episodes were aired over four seasons.

The series stars Ryan Reynolds, Traylor Howard and Richard Ruccolo as the title characters. The second season saw the arrival of two additional recurring characters, Johnny Donnelly (Nathan Fillion) and Ashley Walker (Suzanne Cryer). In 2000, ABC bounced the sitcom from midweek to Friday night, leading to a steep drop in ratings. After the show moved back to Wednesday for a two-week trial in an unsuccessful attempt to regain ratings, it was cancelled in May 2001. The series finale was titled “The Internet Show”, an episode in which fans of the show voted on the outcome online.

Unclepenny’s LoveLineTape Notes: This show starts right before the first commercial break so its missing around 20 minutes.

A caller mentions “dingo boy” a bit Adam did for a syndicated radio service prior to his involvement with Loveline, even Dr.Drew has never heard of it, after persistence from Drew, Traylor and Ryan Adam finally gives a detailed explanation of Dingo Boy and sings the Ding Boy theme song which is hilarious.
Trya Banks crush on Dr. Drew is brought up and Adam goes off on Radio personalities and the reason they are in radio and not on television.

Ryan and Traylor are great guests, a great call from a young man who tried to kill himself with a electrical cord after his last call into Loveline.

Adam pitches his Idea of female genitalia bikini bottoms that would have antatomy charts on them similar to the T-shirts with pictures of all the organs.

Dr. Drew drops an F bomb its hard to tell cause Mike drops out a lot of the audio as opposed to one of his or Anderson’s typical quick surgical style edits he must have been caught off guard.

Adam talks about his power going out, Ryan discusses how he watched all 90 minutes of the last episode of NYPD blue with Jimmy Smitts and his power went out right before he died.

Ian “..oh am I on the radio?” Adam “ I’m in the next room you jackass”.

Caller Ian had a “romantic” dream about his friends sister, this inspires Adam to go off on how when he has a sex dream about a woman it somehow makes him believe that he is that much closer to getting her in real life.

Adam is guesting in the upcoming episode of Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place and it is discusses throughout the show.

Adam and Drew discuss doing the lost and final episode of “Fired Up” a sitcom co starring Leah Remini and how they never saw the episode and it never aired on television(I think it may have run years later in syndication).

Ryan mentions he did an episode of the John Laraquette show that never made it to air but he got a VHS copy of it and was able to see it.

Adam mentions that Lynette had got a copy of the episode about a week ago but he is waiting until it airs to watch it, Adam and Drew both admit they dont own one copy of Loveline the TV show or Loveline the radio show.

Adam and Ryan do dueling Steve Irwin impressions, Its so funny.


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