GLL Episode 809

CLL #809 (feat. William Ragsdale, Sean O’Bryan and Bess Meyer) – 11/04/1998 – Wednesday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016)

This is a new Kevin Tape for a show previously forgotten to time, nobody even knew we were looking for this one. Who knows what happens, lets all listen and enjoy it! The show is missing a few seconds around the 28min mark while Adam talks about watching the show the guests are promoting, the show also gets cutoff before the “Mahalo” possibly due to exceeding the allotted time, the board capture tape that’s likely long since been destroyed or abandoned is the only source, lost forever. Another few seconds are missing from around the 1:18min mark as well as a couple of dropped seconds while speaking to a caller who used to suck her thumb.

From Wiki: Brother’s Keeper is an American television sitcom that ran for one season from September 25, 1998 to May 14, 1999 on ABC. Created by Donald Todd, the series chronicles the rocky coexistence of Porter Waide (William Ragsdale) and his irresponsible pro-football player brother Bobby Waide (Sean O’Bryan), who is contractually forced to move into his brother’s house, where Bobby’s lifestyle often clashes with that of Porter’s, and becomes an unwitting second parent to Porter’s son Oscar (Justin Cooper).



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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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