GLL Episode 798

CLL #798 (feat. Cracker) – 10/20/1998 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape (2017) With Kevin Tape (2016) Patches

This is a new Lost Tape paired with the Kevin Tape for a 100% complete recording of a show that’s been missing for over 18 years, we’re on a roll! Cracker are making their 2nd of two known appearances during the Adam era, they were previously on CLL #130 from March of 1996.

From WikiCracker is an American alternative rock band led by singer David Lowery and guitarist Johnny Hickman. The band is best known for its gold-selling 1993 album, Kerosene Hat, which includes the hit songs “Low” and “Euro-Trash Girl.”

Lowery and Hickman formed the band in 1991, releasing the album Cracker the following year (which included singles “Happy Birthday to Me” and “Teen Angst”) on Virgin Records. The band has been touring ever since, releasing 10 studio albums and several compilations, collaborations, solo projects and live albums.[1] The band’s newest studio album, Berkeley to Bakersfield, was released December 9, 2014 on 429 Records.

Cracker mix influences and sounds from rock, punk, grunge, psychedelia, country, blues and folk.


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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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