GLL Episode 781

CLL #781 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts) – 09/27/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source – TobyDog Tape (2008)

This is the only known source, a TobyDog tape possibly transferred by me nearly a decade ago, the show is nearly complete just missing a few seconds in a couple of spots.  Adam shares the Tim The Russian Rapper story, Adam and Drew are fresh from Syracuse. This show is full of rare old stories and long lost one time only mentions from both hosts, do not miss it!



The original notes either UnclePenny or I wrote about a decade ago

Great Show! Includes some garlic belching and a great telling of the Tim the Russian rapper story along with some other great, somewhat rare stories.

The show starts right off with the first call. Adam belches up some garlic and says belching is to vomiting as farting is to crapping.

Adam and Drew just got back from Syracuse, NY (AKA “Christland” according to Bobcat Goldthwait).

They missed their flight on Thursday morning.

Adam says he raced over to Drew’s house and Drew asked him to come in to see a picture of his daughter even though they were already running 10 minutes late. Adam actually had to stall the next plane so they’d still get there with enough time to spare.

Drew tells Adam to give out the phone number even though he did a just few minutes ago.

A girl said she used to play “The Fonz,” a disturbing game with her cousins.

Adam says Cameron Diaz used Jimmy’s word “Jackhole” in her Saturday Night Live monologue.
A trucker named “Hammer Down Matt” calls in. He uses some odd trucker lingo such as calling his wife “old lady” and calling his son “the kid.”

Drew asks a girl an A or B question about acid and her response was yes. She doesn’t sound too bright.

Adam announces they will gamble when they come back from a break. Drew says he only has a quarter and ruins the whole set up.

Adam burps up his garlic again. He recalls once dumping garlic powder on a pizza and Drew not wanting to eat it because he gets so gassy from it.
A Lenny Kravitz bumper is played and Adam says he likes the riff. A caller requested Tim the Russian rapper so that is teased before taking a call. Adam then has another belch come up and subjects Drew to the horrible smell.

Adam goes to set up Tim the Russian Rapper but has to yell at Drew for saying he does it when they speak publicly. Adam goes through the history of how he got to know Tim through the Catholic Big Brother program. There is a bit of overlappage from earlier in the show so feel free to skip ahead to about 1:16:00 to continue right on with the story. Adam includes some rare details in this telling of the story. His comedy troupe, ACME Theatre was at a Christmas party one year and Adam was asked to get involved with the Big Brother program. Adam asks Drew to take kill some time while he takes a swig of his water before doing the impression. Drew inhales like he’s trying to think of something to say but then Adam jumps back in. Another rare detail is that Tim wore a pot leaf shirt and would use the word dope very often. Adam would screw with him and use the word out of context.

Another good story is the one about Adam’s senior prom date. It’s wasn’t told very often on Loveline.
She was really good looking but passed away shortly after high school. Drew reveals he had severe mono at his senior prom, walked in with a cane and had to leave early so he could go to sleep. Adam then talks about his something his friend Carl did. Adam wrote down all the sexual things he wanted to do to his prom date on a piece of paper and Carl actually gave the paper to the girl. It was really just redemption for Adam throwing a lemon with a firecracker stuffed inside of it into his apartment, making a huge mess.

There is some more garlic belching.

Adam makes fun of Drew for going to his kids’ open house and ice skating practice right after getting back from a four-day trip with him. Producer Ann chimes in and says Adam would feel different if he had kids. Adam then calls her the Zamboni Queen.

Caller Phil cannot tell the difference between Tylenol and Aspirin and it Drives them nuts because he can’t answer their questions.
A clip of the House of Pain Song Jump Around is played. Adam says that was Tim’s rap and Drew says “Whaaa???” Adam screwed up the lyrics earlier but he liked his better.

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