GLL Episode 776

CLL #776 (feat. Seven Mary Three) – 09/20/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source – The Lost Stash Tape (2017) With a 20 second TobyDog Tape (Pre-2007) Patch

This is from the batch of tapes provided by a certain Liberace of the potentiometers, it’s replacing the old TobyDog Tape and restores the missing 2min of content. Adam shares some stories including the Adrienne Barbeau dream story. The band are fairly quiet and making their 2nd and final appearance on CLL, they were previously on CLL #562 from November 24th 1997 (I previously had this incorrect and misspoke in the intro, sorry) . Adam is carrying the show for the majority of the episode.


From WikiSeven Mary Three, occasionally abbreviated to 7 Mary 3 or 7M3, is an American hard rock band. They have released seven studio albums and one live album, and are best known for their hit singleCumbersome“.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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