GLL Episode 771

CLL #771 (feat. Barbara Harris) – 09/13/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) With TobyDog Tape (Pre-2007) Patches

This is the new Kevin tape with better audio quality and now complete with the missing 5 minutes restored, The TobyDog tape was used for some patching. Barbara Harris from Project Prevention (not the famous actress with the same name) calls in for a rare “phoner” guest, Adam and Drew fight and there is a Loveline tribute song. Dr. Drew goes in depth on his theory regarding the OJ Simpson case and the murders of Ron and Nicole.

From WikiProject Prevention (formerly Children Requiring a Caring Kommunity or CRACK) is an American non-profit organization that pays drug addicts cash for volunteering for long-term birth control, including sterilization. Originally based in California and now based in North Carolina, the organization began operating in the United Kingdom in 2010. The organization offers US$300 (£200 in the UK) to each participant. Barbara Harris founded the organization in 1997 after she and her husband adopted the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth children of a drug-addicted mother.[1] As of 7 October 2011 the organization had paid 3,848 clients.

According to Michael Seamark from the Daily Mail, the organization has been controversial, with some comparing it to the eugenics movement.[2]


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