GLL Episode 770

CLL #770 (feat. Best Of) – 09/10/1998 – Thursday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with TobyDog Tape (2007) patches

This is the “new” style of Best Of that Loveline would present when the show’s staff were on vacation and for holiday breaks. Adam and Drew were at the MTV Music Awards. The show starts already in progress, both recordings. The episode starts out with about 30min of Dub C from CLL #684 (feat. WC), next up is Semisonic from CLL #649 (feat. Semisonic) talking about UPS and their brand color scheme. Larry Flynt is the 3rd guest from a lost episode making his debut appearance, telling Adam about ‘Tips and Tricks’ and his other non-pornographic publications, the episode seems to be from 1997, possibly CLL #351 from Feb. 2nd 1997, as Adam received his Busty subscription a week later on CLL #358. Next Up is Sublime from CLL #227 (feat. Sublime) from Aug. 12th 1996. Next up is a lost clip from what seems to be a lost episode with The Goo Goo Dolls and Dr. Marcel from what I suspect is CLL #480 the Day after Rick Ocasek from July 31st 1997.


Old Notes written by myself or Unclepenny from a decade ago found on LovelineTapes

“This show starts just a few minutes late. It’s a great show with some good, classic stories.

The first guest is WC, or “Dub-C.” His pager goes off and Adam threatens to take it. He then drops an “S” bomb before offering to put Adam on his next album. This causes Adam to tell the great story of Tim (Teeeem) the Russian rapper Catholic little brother of his. Engineer Mike plays some House of Pain but Adam says he wants to go
A Capella.
Adam asks why the black man likes the big ass and gets a pretty good explanation.

WC asks phone screener Sherry if her breasts are real.

Adam asks to get some black to white translations on some of WC’s Ebonics. Adam then busts a rhyme about the behymen.

A formerly fat girl calls in with the worst line ever. WC admits he likes big women.
The next guest is the band Semisonic. It sounds like there was some previous conversation about why UPS uses the color brown. A kid calls in and says he talked to a UPS lady that explained it was so if they got dirt on their uniforms it wouldn’t show up. After Adam praises UPS, Drew says they use Fed-ex. This reminds Adam of the whole Mountain Dew fiasco. He tells the story about getting yelled at on the plane about it. It sounds
like this happened sometime in 1997.

Drew talks about the time he discussed being assaulted on a Southwest flight on the air. The next day he was handed a transcript of the show.
The first two callers have an attitude problem and are punished by being put on hold.

Adam has had a somewhat eerie day. He describes a couple bizarre things that occurred.
One is that he’s is having his friend Daniel (Kellison?) staying over at his house. He left Adams house to go the office but was late showing up.
When his wife called they joked about him getting in an accident and it turns out he actually did get in one.

The second thing involves Adam stopping by an awning shop. His neighbor was on the phone talking about her broken awning that Adam saw just one day earlier. He then explained to the guy what was wrong with it.
The next guest is Larry Flint. While introducing the segment it is revealed that they were at the MTV music awards.

Right off the bat Adam has Larry name off all the different porn magazines he publishes. This is the show where Adam asks for a discount for Busty magazine. Larry says he’ll give him a free subscription. On a later show Adam talks about how the magazine never showed up at first but then eventually did.
Some girl calls in with an somewhat angry complaint to Adam calling people fat. Naturally the “You’re fat,” OOC Drew Drop is played. Larry talks about putting a big girl in a magazine and having hundreds of people cancel their subscriptions.

Larry describes the penile implant he had installed.
The next guest is the band Sublime. It starts with a caller who is having dreams about killing his scoutmaster child molester. This went on for 5 years with about 10 cub scouts.

Drew explains how chemical castration works.
Going into the next break Adam teases talking about the Pennywise incident but the segment is over.
The next guest is the Goo Goo Dolls. Dr. Marcel is subbing for Drew on this show. They start with some carpentry talk and Adam talks about his earthquake rehab work.
The song Lazy Eye is played and they say it came off the Batman soundtrack.”

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