GLL Episode 759

CLL #759 (feat. The Love Between the Two Hosts) – 08/26/1998 – Wednesday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with TobyDog Tape (Pre – 2007) Patches and DAT Tape (2017) Break Reconstruction

This is the new Kevin tape, I patched in the TobyDog tape to fill the holes and now the show is almost 100% complete, just missing the opening seconds of the first call. The Breaks have all been extended and completed with the best source audio that exists on earth, The Kevin Tape is the body of the show and restored over 45 minutes of content that’s been missing for 18 years. This episode features a Cameo by the infamous Blind Female caller and a follow on the “5-Year-Old with Aids” call from #758. Adam goes off on a bit of a rant about deadbeat dads and the doomed society we were heading towards, solid ep!


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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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