GLL Episode 754

CLL #754 (feat. The Crystal Method with Holly Body) – 08/19/1998 – Wednesday Night Show

Source – JBJ Tape (2008) merged with the Kevin Tape (2016) and the TobyDog Tape (2007)

This is the new Kevin tape, with the JBJ tape and the TobyDog Tape and the episode is still missing about 25-30 seconds of content, so the 3 shows is usually enough to complete one episode rule does not apply here, well kind of. After over 30 hours of redoing work we now have a 99.9% complete copy of this infamous show, the best version to ever be shared online, a painstaking edit where only the best audio was used where applicable, the majority is the JBJ tape with the Kevin Tape and the Tobydog tape patched in. The band are making their 2nd known appearance on CLL and 2nd appearance of 1998 as well, this time bringing “gifts” for Adam. Holly Body tagged along and proves to be far more comfortable with Adam than say Melinda Messenger, whatever it was Adam was going for on #741 he experiences it here, wow! Yes, that is what you think it is hitting the microphone.


Original LLT summary by me or UnclePenny, written in 2008:

These guys are some of the all-time greatest guests, Adam discusses an additional order of 100 LoveLine MTV episodes, and Ken asks Adam about the Man Show which Adam replies is still at ABC but will soon be on the air somewhere.

Adult film actress Holly Body comes in for a couple minutes at the end of the show, Adam asks her to show her breasts to Drew and then he shouts at Drew to grab them but he refuses then Holly runs over and grabs Adam’s arm and puts his hand on her chest, Drew sounds really uncomfortable when Holly shows up.

Adam asks her for a quick flash before she goes and she runs over and rubs her breasts all over Adam’s head which knocks his phones off and leaves him unable to speak due to a mouth full of boob, you can actually hear her breasts hitting the mic.
Very unusual episode!!!!

Adam then laments he hopes Lynette was not listening.


From Wiki: The Crystal Method is an American electronic music and keyboardist duo formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland in the early 1990s. The Crystal Method’s music has appeared in numerous TV shows, films, video games, and advertisements. Their album Vegas, was certified platinum in 2007.

From Boobpedia: Holly Body is a busty feature dancer and porn star. She used the alias Holly “BJ” Morgan in her first films. Holly got her most widely known stage name from the Brian DePalma film Body Double. Holly Body was the porn star character Melanie Griffith played. In 1992, working as waitress in a Mexican restaurant in San Fernando Valley, California, she was recruited by the actor and porn director Rex Hickok (aka Rex Cabo: Mr. Elastic Scrotum). By this time she was attending Santa Monica College and at the same time also working as a bikini dancer and stripper, primarily at the Wild Goose and Bare Elegance, near LAX, winning the 1993 Miss West Coast Wet T-Shirt contest.

At that time, her hair was blonde. After a couple years of retreat, during which she supposedly married a professional football player who was released by the Oakland Raiders, she returned to the adult industry as a brunette and with large breast implants. Holly has been a prolific performer, starring in over 150 films. She has, from time to time, also continued to work as a stripper. In the early 2000’s, Holly underwent facial cosmetic surgery. The results were extreme, as some of her fans could not recognize her with her new look. Holly Body now lives in West Hollywood.


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