GLL Episode 744

CLL #744 (feat. Jeff Ross) – 08/05/1998 – Wednesday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with TobyDog Tape (2007) patches

This is the new Kevin tape with some patches from the previously acquired recording, the missing 24 minutes have finally been restored after over 18 years. This episode is a fan favorite and Jeff is making his CLL debut, promoting his hilarious ‘Pulp Comics’ special from Comedy Central. They go over the infamous ‘3TV’ interview once again.




From WikiJeffrey Ross Lifschultz (born September 13, 1965), known professionally as Jeff Ross,[2] is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor and author. His skill in doing high-profile celebrity roasts and his appearances in Comedy Central’s Roasts, have led him to be dubbed “The Roastmaster General.” He has appeared in various film, television, and cartoon projects. He has made appearances at events for U.S. soldiers and directed a documentary film covering his experiences touring U.S. bases in Iraq.



Here is the old Description/Review written by either myself or UnclePenny 9 years ago, from

Lots of “Spoilers”

Jeff Ross is a good guest and brings allot of funny to the show.

An hour before the show, Jeff was taping something for the Jerry Lewis telethon. Drew is shocked that the whole thing isn’t live. They also talk about an upcoming Drew Carry roast. Kelsey Grammer and his rehab is brought up. Jeff says “Poor Kelsey’s been in and out of Betty Ford more times than Gerald Ford.”

Jeff tells a good joke Buddy Hackett left on his

answering machine. It went like this:

“Hey, Jeff did you hear what president Clinton said about Monica Lewinsky? He said she has a nicer smile he’s ever come across.”


Adam makes a Gilligan’s island reference about getting hit on a head with a coconut twice.

Jeff talks about not being able to sleep the night before giving his father’s eulogy. He wanted to beat off but felt it would be wrong so he pictured some girl in his class he knew but imagined she was wearing something black.

Due to his bar mitzvah envy, Adam plans on kicking his dad in the nuts for not being Jewish.

Caller Jeff brings up the disaster of an Arizona morning show Adam and Drew did. It’s been discussed on the show at least once or twice before. This is the interview where the anchor woman kept cutting them off with “Oh hold on, it’s a family show! Remember it’s a family show!”


Adam got pissed because he was trying to answer her question about the strangest call they ever had and he was of course talking about James the zoosexual and the classic doggy night show.

Adam yells about a karaoke night he wanted to do when on a cruise ship once. The guy called his name to come up to the stage but then had to tell him to sit back down because they didn’t have his song. This was after he wrote it down for them in advance. Jeff says he almost got kicked out of a karaoke bar for laughing at a girl in arm braces whom was singing the song Let’s get Physical.


Adam and Jeff talk about Jennifer Lopez’s ass but Drew doesn’t know who they’re talking about.

A caller has Jeff read one of his super bizarre poems with the sad string music in the background.

Jeff mentions he was the second youngest black belt in the country at age 10 1⁄2.


Adam says there was no such thing as a time out for him as a kid because there was nothing to take a time out from. He then talks about the time he was so bored sitting in his bedroom as a kid that he ate an ant.

Jeff asks why women are so attracted to married men. Drew explains they all get together and send emails and faxes about guys getting married and breaking up.

At about 59:30 Drew starts talking about a patient who had flesh eating bacteria on his nuts. They had to “unglove” the guy and it sounds very disgusting.

Some girl calls in to complain about Adam discouraging callers from getting breast reductions. Drew tries to talk to her but Adam and Jeff start singing. This causes engineer Mike to actually shut Adam’s mic off for a change. Adam goes on to talk about wanting to see the before pictures of women who have the surgery. The recording ends shortly after this as they go to commercial.

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