GLL Episode 738

CLL #738 (feat. The Love Between the Two Hosts) – 07/28/1998 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) without patches from the Spinfly Tape (2009) nor the TobyDog Tape (2007)

This is the new Kevin tape and I found two other sources very last minute, both of them incomplete and without any of the missing content needed to complete this episode, it’s damn near 100% complete on its own and is only missing about 10-30 seconds from about 15-min. into the show, a satellite drop out or swear was bleeped. I wish people hadn’t re-labeled the old files, it added an extra 30-hrs.  of work onto this episode. Enjoy everyone! Adam tells the Adrienne Barbeau sexual assault dream story and even busts out some Tim the Russian Rapper.




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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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