GLL Episode 731

CLL #731 (feat. Dr. Bruce) – 07/19/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source – Dr. Bruce KROQ Tape (2010)

This is the full Dr. Bruce tape provided by the Doctor himself, recorded by Engineer Mike as he did for all guest doc’s and guests who requested it, it took 12 years but I finally acquired this batch in 2010, most were pristine and of the best possible quality, a couple were coated in a “coffee like substance mainly comprised of sugar” that he must’ve spilled back in 98,  it became a tar like substance that required the tapes be removed from their cases and soaked in 90% rubbing alcohol overnight, then rewound by hand, it took over 72hrs per tape. Enjoy! Adam has some mockery for the Wiccan community and they have a funny back and forth regarding self-piercing, the best version of this episode that exists on earth.



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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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