GLL Episode 711

CLL #711 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts) – 06/21/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source – Spinfly Tape (2009)

This is the only source in existence for this classic episode, thanks to the Spinfly collection we all get to enjoy it today, thanks dude!

Adam is sick, Dr. Drew is running late and called Adam from the tarmac at LAX so Adam does the first 15 minutes without him. Adam tells the story of the 1998 KROQ Weenie Roast in Irvine including the Green Day vs. Third Eye Blind stage “misunderstanding” and the story of Jimmy Kimmel’s legendary fart that would be told as legend for years to come ‘round those parts. Adam has some wisdom about bad roommates later in the show, Hilarious episode!



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Intro Music: MxPx – Under Lock and Key (Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo)

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