GLL Episode 706

CLL #706 (feat. The Love Between The two Hosts) – 06/14/1998 – Sunday Night Show

Source – JBJ Tape (2008) With Spinfly Tape (2009) and Unknown Source GIO Transferred Tape Patches

This is the JBJ Tape with patches from the two other existing recordings, Adam confuses Gullets with gizzards, This is the only complete version of the show, all of the audio available restored 4 out of the 6 break intros and outros, as complete as we will ever get, enjoy! Originally labeled ‘Pryor’ in the JBJ tape archive due to a back and forth between the boys about the word Prior vs. Pryor.

Adam and Drew ABC News

Notes From LLT: Adam gets gizzards confused with gullets. Adam then announces that the guest is the love that the two hosts find between the two of them.

Adam said he watched Conan the other night and the guest mentioned Loveline being her favorite show. It sounds like her publicist won’t let her come on the show.

Adam was having lunch with his girlfriend earlier in the day and had to discuss marriage with her. He compares marriage to being attacked by a grizzly bear.

Since there is no guest, they decide not to gamble on a caller.

Drew says his dad was listening to the show and commented on Adam calling him rich and cheap. Adam blames Drew for saying his dad would steal a kernel of corn off a bingo card and squirrel it away for the winter.

The Gunner Nelson intro is played. Adam talks about the Morrell twins and the clip of Adam making fun of Gunner being played. They felt bad because they were really nice guys.

A girl says she yelled out her brother’s name when she was having sex. Adam says he never yells out anyone’s name for fear of it being the wrong name.


During the 10 second time out, they forget to play the name of the station (It was a board captured show or the affiliate messed up. this is referencing the Unknown Source)

Adam thanks fans for making unofficial Loveline webpages. He points out there is no other radio show or any kind of media the size of Loveline that doesn’t have a webpage. He also says MTV hasn’t put them in their site either.

Adam messes with Drew about the word prior getting confused with the last name Pryor.

Adam asks a caller what is in a blunt these days. He says back in the day people in the Valley used to use coke in blunts. Adam says Drew is a square and Drew suspects Adam of being an addict.


A 15 year old with the little girl voice says she was never abused. Drew immediately says it was probably an eating disorder and the caller says she used to be anorexic. Adam gives him 75 cents for figuring that out so quickly.

Adam talks about Slash and his crazy memory.

Adam gets fired up about people calling the cops for domestic violence and wasting their time and his money.

Adam talks about hemp shampoo. There’s 70 other ingredients on the bottle before the hemp is mentioned.

A girl has 6 siblings with 5 different fathers. The youngest is 3 years old. Adam then gets pissed about not being allowed to put a slate roof on his house.

The recording ends just after the last segment.


Music Provided by Rich Banks

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