GLL Episode 695

CLL #695 (feat. Mackenzie Astin) – 05/28/1998 – Thursday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016)

This is the only known source for this episode, nearly complete it’s only missing a few seconds and the closing “goodbye” segment. This is Mackenzie’s debut appearance of the Adam era but according to Dr. Drew he has guested several times in the past. This episode has been missing for over 18 years and is now nearly restored in full, this is the first time anyone has heard this since it aired. So new to the archive even I have not heard it yet, let’s enjoy it together and hear what unfolds, if this is a gem sadly it’s Mackenzie’s only known appearance during the Adam era, although he did guest on the MTV variant of LoveLine. They go in depth on ‘The Facts Of Life’ and that’s all I’ve heard.

BRAND NEW/LOST EPISODE – Missing for 18 years!

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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