GLL Episode 672

CLL #672 (feat. Jamie Kennedy)04/27/1998 – Monday Night Show

Source Kevin Tape (2016) With TobyDog Tape Patches

Previously we only had about 46 minutes of this episode, it’s now restored to full length thanks to the new Kevin Tape, Jamie was a Classic LoveLine regular and one of the only people to ever have a LoveLine joke in their standup act. He has 3 more known appeared from the Adam era, possibly 4 if there is a lost ep from 1999. Sadly, his previous episode before #672 is still missing from the archive.


From Wiki: When Kennedy first arrived in Los Angeles, he became a professional Hollywood extra. During his first night in L.A., he was reading a Joan Rivers autobiography in a diner when the waiter explained to him that he had been in a dozen movies as an extra. Kennedy asked, “If you’ve been in so many movies, why are you a waiter?” The waiter responded, “I have to keep my day job.”[citation needed]

After a few years of struggling, Kennedy was unable to find an agent and worked as a host at Red Lobster. He auditioned for over 80 commercials and could not book one. He then took a job as a telemarketer, and learned that he had a talent in selling things. Kennedy then thought that if he could sell anything, “why not sell myself?”, becoming his own agent.[citation needed]

Kennedy created a false persona, screen agent “Marty Power”, to attract the attention of real agents and managers over the phone, who would later book his performances. He came to prominence in the late 1990s for playing Randy Meeks in the Scream film series.[4] His lead role as Tim Avery in Son of the Mask earned him aGolden Raspberry Award nomination for Worst Actor.[5]


Music Provided by Rich Banks

Check out His Website and Soundcloud to hear more of his awesome work and perhaps commission him for your next project.