GLL Episode 642

CLL #642 (feat. Bow Wow Wow)03/16/1998 – Monday Night Show

Source Kevin Tape (2016) with JBJ Tape (2008) Patches

This one is now complete thanks to the new Kevin Tape, it’s been online for many years but now we get a major sound quality upgrade, very fun show, lots of history of the band and how they formed and toured with such a young front woman. Adam and Annabella Lwin sing a duet towards the end of the show which is thankfully now intact, well more intact than it was.


From Wiki Bow Wow Wow are an English 1980s new wave band, created by Malcolm McLaren to promote his and then girlfriend/business partner Vivienne Westwood’s New Romantic fashion lines. The group’s music has been described as new wave, pop and worldbeat, characterized by an “African-derived drum sound”.