GLL Episode 627 – Best Of

CLL #627 is a full show repeat of #577 (feat. Nikkie Van Lierop of ‘Lords of Acid’) 12/15/1997 – Monday Night Show

 Source Kevin Tape. This is a brand new tape from the Kevin Batch of roughly 400 tapes.

This show is incomplete with roughly just an hour of the show minus the songs played which were edited out with tape edits back in 97. The opening music and closing break are intact, the show is missing about 45min of content from somewhere in the 2nd segment/break. This episode has been missing for 17 years and 360 days, nobody has heard it since it aired, nobody. There may be some missing “band incident” arguing, per a comment made by Adam in the closing break. These are the Exact production files and have 20+ sec silence between commercial breaks, no ads though.