GLL Episode 148

CLL #148 (feat. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee)

04/23/1996 – Tuesday Night Show

Source: “LovelineFan” Tape (2012) Unknown Recording Source with DickRicky Post Processing

Songs Played: “Planet Boom” from the Barb Wire Soundtrack

This is the first appearance of both Pam and Tommy of the Adam era, Adam has a long history with both of them on air starting with this show, this ep contains a discussion of the leaked sex tape, Adam’s vow to never watch it would come later and he would hold true for almost 5 years.

Tommy lets Adam drive his Ferrari

They’re promoting the 1996 film “Barb Wire” and Tommy’s song from the soundtrack was played during the show.

Adam checks out Pamela’s latest Playboy spread and tells her to not be so modest.

This is the only known appearance of Pam and Tommy on the show together and the only known appearance of Pamela outside of the MTV show promoting “VIP”.

There may be more appearances for both that we discover as we fill out this archive.

Adam Carolla has recently been discussing this very episode on his current Adam Carolla show podcast, circa Feb. 2014.

CJ Seabear