GLL Episode 1183

CLL #1183 (feat. Jason Winer, Kara Jane McNamara and Chris Reed)

04/11/2000 Tuesday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape VHS (2018) 

An episode first shared online over 18 years ago, now with a huge audio upgrade and 100% complete. This is the episode with the cast of MTV’s ‘The Blame Game’ Jason is making his 2nd and final appearance on the show, Kara and Chris are making their only appearances on the radio show. Really solid episode that is now way more listenable, enjoy! Edit: I forgot to mention Chris in the intro as the old fan file that was circulated excluded his name, as per usual I had not yet had a chance to hear this one again before posting it. Apologies to Chris Reed, he was hilarious on both CLL and The Blame Game. 

From WikiThe Blame Game is an American 30-minute nontraditional courtgame show that premiered in January 1999 on MTV. The show ran for 2 seasons of over 130 episodes.

In the show, two ex’s are pitted against each other in a fictional courtroom setting to decide who was to blame for their break-up.[1] Representing each “ex” was a “counselor” who presented one of the ex’s sides of the “case.”[1] Jason Winer generally served as the counselor for men while Kara Jane McNamara represented the women. Chris Reed was the judge during the proceedings.[2] Richard “Humpty” Vission was the in-house DJ for the show. The show was marked by the appearance of “surprise witnesses” who would corroborate or refute accusations (usually relating to cheating or not cheating) made by the exes and/or counselors.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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