GLL Episode 1159

CLL #1159 (feat. Sheeri Rappaport)

03/08/2000 – Wednesday Night Show

SourceDebbi and Chris Tape (2020)

This episode has been missing since it originally aired, not a single second of audio has been shared and the episode was written off as lost to time. As fresh off the presses as episodes come, picked up the tape at the post office 3hrs ago and now we can hear LoveLine we otherwise were never going to get a chance to hear again or for the first time for those of us who missed this one when it aired live. 

Sheeri is making her only appearance on CLL, based on what I’ve heard while editing she seems to be a fan or is just very engaged with the show. There is what sounds like an insane ‘Lighting Round’ and despite missing a few seconds on the return from break due to the affiliate station, then a few seconds at the tape flip after the station ID break and the entire closing goodbye segment the episode is still over 98% complete. Is this episode a lost sleeper classic of the highest order or just an alright episode that we’re happy to have in the archive, let’s all listen together and find out!

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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