GLL Episode 1110

CLL #1110 (feat. Susan Pinsky)

12/30/1999 Thursday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape VHS (2018)

This is a new source for an episode I first recovered about a decade ago. Labeled as ‘The Millennium Show’ and closing out the decade of the 1990’s, the last show where Y2K wasn’t yet a joke. Susan only has two known in studio appearances during the Adam era, her previous visit was on CLL #99 from February 14th 1996.

About Susan Pinsky

Susan Sailer Pinsky  is the creator and CEO of Playroom Podz.  She is known as the producer and podcast provider for This Life #YOULIVE” with Dr. Drew (and Mike Catherwood) as an offshoot to support This Life with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest.  Weekly Infusion with Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruce is a third podcast she works on with co-producer, Michelle Poe which pertains to medicine and science.   But she is known best as the producer and host of “Calling Out with Susan Pinsky,” which features the world’s best psychics as well as celebrity guests.  This show is one of iTunes’ most popular podcasts focusing on spirituality and psychic phenomena.  Susan was the recipient of the LA Music Award for “Best Radio Host” in 2016.  In addition to running her podcast company, Susan works tirelessly behind the scenes as well to promote her husband’s brand, employing her marketing skills to publicize and the very popular “Dr. Drew Podcast.” 

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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