GLL Episode 1082

CLL #1082 (feat. Handsome Boy Modeling School)

11/22/1999 Monday Night Show

Source – JBJ Tape (2008)

This is a new export of an existing episode, it’s roughly 99% complete despite the shorter running time. Missing Dr. Drew’s “have” which gets garbled around the 35min mark. A few seconds are missing from the first call at the start of the 2nd hour while a kid is asking about another band.  This is the 2nd episode with the new intro, outro and bumpers that define the show’s Radio imaging for the first half of the Anderson era. Both Dan The Automator and Prince Paul are making their only known appearances on CLL.  The guests have inspired a mixed reaction among listeners, once again decide for yourself. “Backpack Rap” is discussed and there are some great calls, a real mixed bag episode.

From Wiki: Handsome Boy Modeling School is a collaborative project between hip hop producers Dan the Automator (GorillazDr. OctagonDeltron 3030) and Prince Paul (StetsasonicDe La SoulGravediggazA Prince Among Thieves). The collaboration originally lasted from 1999 to 2006 and resulted in two albums, featuring a vast cast of guest rappers, singers, comedians and DJs. As of February 2018, the two reportedly have reunited, and plan to release a new album [1]

From WikiDaniel M. Nakamura (born August 29, 1966), better known by the stage name Dan the Automator, is an American hip hop producer. He founded the record label 75 Ark, which was distributed by Tommy Boy Records during its short existence (1996–2001).

From WikiPaul Edward Huston, (born April 2, 1967[1]) better known by his stage name Prince Paul, is an American disc jockeyrecord producer and recording artist from Amityville, New York.[2] Paul began his career as a DJ for Stetsasonic. Since then he has worked on albums by Boogie Down ProductionsMC LyteBig Daddy Kaneand 3rd Bass, among others. Major recognition for Prince Paul came when he produced De La Soul‘s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising (1989), in which he pioneered new approaches to hip hop production, mixing and sampling, as well as by adding comedy sketches.

His first solo album, Psychoanalysis: What Is It?, came out in 1997, followed by a second album, A Prince Among Thieves, in 1999.

From WikiRadio imaging[1] is the general term for the composite effect of multiple and varied on-air sound effects that identify, brand and market a particular radio station. These sound effects include: voiceover, music beds, sweepers, intros, promos, liners, stingers, bumpers, shotguns, and jingles. The total effect of these on-air elements create an overall sound design,[2] which positions a radio station and brand within the marketplace, and is designed to appeal to the demographics of the audience it wants the station to attract (e.g., Men, Age 18-54).

Radio Imaging sonically brands[3] the radio station as clearly different and distinct from other entertainment brands; especially, from other radio stations in a given market. Radio Imaging enables radio listeners to easily identify a radio station and to distinguish a radio station favorably against competitors through a unique and enhanced image and sound, particularly in the same programming format (e.g., CHR, Country, Adult Contemporary, Sports, News/Talk, Classic Rock, Oldies, etc.). Signature sound compositions comprise sonic branding that enables listeners to instantaneously identify the station that they are hearing and to anticipate the type of content or format that will be played on the station. In this way, Radio imaging sets the overall mood, energy and tone of the station, while establishing brand familiarity,[4] affinity and loyalty with a listener. The language[5] used in radio imaging is scripted with the station’s target demographic in mind, for example radio stations targeting a younger audience will use language and terms that their listeners can relate to. Likewise, the voiceover used helps define the station brand. In addition, filler compositions including sweepers, promos, and jingles, create seamless transitions between programming units and enhance the overall sound of the station, providing a more complete and polished listening experience for the audience.

Bumper Music Breakdown

Intro Music: MxPx – Under Lock and Key (Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo)

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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