GLL Episode 1071

CLL #1071 (feat. Donny Osmond)

11/07/1999 Sunday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape (2017) with JBJ Tape (2008) Patches

This is a new tape for an existing episode, now with the lost 7+ minutes restored. Donny is making his 2nd and final appearance on Classic Loveline, he was previously on CLL #778 from September 22nd 1998. Donny once again proves to be a great guest, it’s a fun episode with solid calls and conversation. The episode is 100% complete. Enjoy.

From WikiDonald Clark “Donny” Osmond (born December 9, 1957) is an American singer, actor, radio personality, and former teen idol. Osmond has also been a talk and game show host, record producer and author. In the mid-1960s, he and four of his elder brothers gained fame as: “The Osmonds”. Osmond went solo in the early 1970s, covering such hits as “Go Away Little Girl” and “Puppy Love“.

For more than forty years, he and younger sister Marie have gained fame as Donny & Marie, partly due to the success of their 1976–79 self-titled variety series, which aired on ABC. The duo also did a 1998–2000 talk show and have been headlining in Las Vegas since 2008.

In 1989, Osmond had two big-selling recordings, the first of which, “Soldier of Love“, was initially credited to a “mystery artist” by some radio stations.

Starting in July 1992, Osmond played Joseph in the Elgin Theatre‘s Toronto production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He relocated to Chicago where Joseph played for sixteen months in 1993-94. The musical then toured North America until 1998 returning to Chicago twice again. Creator Andrew Lloyd Webber chose him for the 1999 film version.

In 2009, Osmond won the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars. Osmond appeared as a guest judge on Strictly Come Dancing on week 3 (movie week) of the 12th series.

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