GLL Episode 1052

CLL #1052 (feat. Jake Busey)

10/11/1999 – Monday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape (2017) 

This is a new tape for a long lost episode, missing from the archive for almost 19 years. Jake is promoting the short lived UPN series ‘Shasta McNasty’ and making his first known appearance on CLL, he returns to the show two more times, once in 2000 and then his final visit to the show in 2003. Adam talks to Jake about drumming and learning from a musician who frequently worked with John Hiatt, they discuss Jake’s father Gary Busey and Adam’s experience filming a pilot with Gary in 1998. The episode is nearly 100% complete, just missing a few seconds from their discussion about the transition of Ron Howard and first call of the second hour. Jake already taped an episode of the MTV show prior to this recording.

From WikiWilliam Jacob “Jake” Busey Jr. (born June 15, 1971) is an American actor, musician and film producer. He is sometimes credited as Jacob Busey or William Busey. Busey was born in Los Angeles, and raised in Malibu, California, the son of photographer Judy Lynn Helkenberg, and actor Gary Busey.[1] Busey spent his childhood on film sets and touring with bands in which his father played. He began considering his career choices at the age of five when he took up the two hobbies that grew into professions: acting and playing drums.

From WikiShasta McNasty (later retitled Shasta) is an American sitcom that aired on UPN during the 1999–2000 season. The show was created by Jeff Eastin and produced by Eastin and Neal H. Moritz. The show starred Carmine GiovinazzoJake BuseyDale Godboldo, and Jolie Jenkins.

Although Shasta McNasty premiered with less-than-favorable reviews from critics,[1] the program was nominated for a People’s Choice Award for best new comedy.[2]

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