GLL Episode 1044

CLL #1044 (feat. Randy Spelling)

09/29/1999 – Wednesday Night Show

Source – Dr. Marcel Tape (2011)

This is a new export of the only known source. This episode is nearly 100% complete, only missing a few seconds at the top of the 2nd hour after Adam mentions Dennis Hopper while giving out a plug. Randy was 20 years old at the time of the recording, his Soap Opera ‘Sunset Beach’ was just cancelled so they promote a movie he’s working on instead. This is his only known appearance on the show, Solid episode.

From Wiki: Randall Gene Spelling (born October 9, 1978) is an American former actor who became a life coach. He is the brother of Tori Spelling and the son of Candy and Aaron Spelling.

LLT Notes: 

Randy Spelling’s show Sunset Beach has been cancelled so they instead plug his upcoming movie.

Randy says he still lives at home with his family.

He is only 20 years old though. He is also opening his own record label.

Adam has a bone to pick with Marcel. It has to do with the time where Adam had him do some laser treatments to his neck and charged him $150 for it.

This was brought up a few times when Dr. Marcel was not there but this is the first he’s confronted him on the air about it.

Adam plugs The Man Show because of a comment a caller makes. He almost forgot because he wasn’t sure which day of the week it was on.

Adam goes on a mini-rant about the hotdog cart like vendors that sell cell phones and jewelry at the mall. He compares it to a Turkish Bizarre. The “Faggot Better Run” drop is played. This inspired Adam to have Anderson play some OOC Drew drops. Adam has to yell at Anderson for not doing a good enough job.

When a girl mentions caller ID, Adam suggest they bring up a class action suit against caller ID along with star 69 ruining relationships. Randy is forced to talk about the castle of a house he lives in. He admits there is a bowling alley and a movie theatre in there. Adam brings up a problem Randy’s parents had with a roofing company a couple years ago and how it was big news back then.

Adam asks the very deep question of “what’s wrong with a bj once in a while?”

Dr. Marcel talks about what kinds of work he does

and how much of it is reconstructive. Hand surgery is brought up and Adam mentions his own hand surgery that he had to go through. Dr. Marcel gives him some advice about it.

There is talk of why there is not as much kidnapping as there used to be and also how the devil isn’t used to scare people anymore.

Adam yells at a girl for telling a story. Anderson gives him the “asshole” Drew drop.

A girl says she used Adam’s gay test of if a guy likes yogurt, diet coke or uses asqueegee. It turns out he only eats yogurt but she also says he does some other gay stuff too. She gets hostile towards the end of the call and Adam almost hangs up on her.

As tradition has it, due to Drew’s absence the Dr. Drew Boogie is played. You can hear them laughing in the background.

There’s a nice Loveline reenactment with caller Summer after she attempts to answer a simple question but practically tells a story instead.

Adam announces that Dr. Bruce will be in tomorrow night.

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