GLL Episode 1041

CLL #1041 (feat. Kathleen Robertson and Johnathon Schaech)

09/26/1999 – Sunday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape (2017) With JBJ Tape (2008) Patches

This is a new tape and export of an existing episode, replacing the existing recordings. This episode is nearly 100% complete with 5 missing minutes now restored and a huge audio upgrade it’s just missing a few seconds on the return from break for the top of the 2nd hour. Kathleen is making her 2nd known appearance on CLL during the Adam era. During her previous visit on CLL #420 from May 8th 1997 with her then partner Greg Araki who promised to cast Adam in one of his movies, which he delivered upon with Adam starring as “Mike’s Stupid Boss” in the 1999 film ‘Splendor.’ A solid episode in which Dr. Drew attempts to flex his ‘Rugrats’ knowledge, gold!

From Wiki: Splendor is a 1999 British-American romantic comedy film directed by Gregg Araki and starring Kathleen RobertsonJohnathon Schaech, and Matt Keeslar. The film deals with an open relationship between the three leads.[2] 

When struggling Los Angeles actor Veronica finds herself simultaneously falling in love with a sensitive writer named Abel and an air-headed drummer named Zed, she initially tries to see them both without the other finding out, and then to choose between them. When she is unable to do so, she begins openly dating them both, and the three eventually move in together, forming a unique yet functional group relationship. Veronica’s friend Mike is critical of their relationship, though she warms to the concept over time. Abel and Zed are initially antagonistic to one another but grow closer over time, eventually becoming closer to one another than either of them are to Veronica. When Veronica becomes pregnant, the relationship becomes strained and she eventually leaves both Abel and Zed for charming director Ernest, whom she agrees to marry despite not loving. At the film’s climax, Abel and Zed race across the city at Mike’s urging to stop the wedding and win her back.

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Intro Music: MxPx – Under Lock and Key (Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo)

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