GLL Episode 1037

CLL #1037 (feat. Annabeth Gish)

09/20/1999 – Monday Night Show

Source – Unknown Fan Tape (Pre-2008)

This is a new processing of an existing episode, the sound has been improved via some light noise reduction. The episode is roughly 90% complete as it’s missing the opening 10-13 minutes and a few seconds from later in the show while talking to caller Chris. Adam insists upon taking measurements to prove his theory that women aren’t good at measuring penis sizes. Annabeth is making her only known appearance on CLL. Sadly CLL #1036 is missing, likely forever. It featured the cast of ‘Veronica’s Closet.’ 

From WikiAnnabeth Gish (born March 13, 1971) is an American actress. She has played roles in films ShagHiding OutMystic PizzaSLC Punk!The Last Supper and Double Jeopardy. On television, she played Special Agent Monica Reyes on The X-Files, Elizabeth Bartlet Westin on The West Wing, Eileen Caffee on Brotherhood, Charlotte Millwright on The Bridge and Sheriff Althea Jarry on the final season of Sons of Anarchy.

In 2016, she reprised her role as Monica Reyes in the tenth season of The X-Files, and then again in the eleventh season starting in January 2018.[1]

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