GLL Episode 1001

CLL #1001 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts)

08/01/1999 – Sunday Night Show

SourceXJosh VHS Tape (2023) with a Matty Tape (2015) Patch

This is a new export and merging of both known sources, Adam tells the Teen Choice Awards story of when they presented with Daisy Fuentes and the guys go over the 1999 Celebrity Baseball game, including meeting their new buddy Gary Marshall who is booked for the next episode. This episode is nearly 100% complete just missing a few seconds off the top of the show, now with a huge audio upgrade thanks to the Matty tape, the patch used from the old JBJ tape has been pitch corrected to better match the new audio. This episode has a hilarious call from a kid with hair growing out of his urethra, a possible early appearance by notorious serial bogus caller and frequent violator of the Geneva Convention of Bogosity “Miriam” during the first segment and another great call from a prison guard. Sadly CLL #1000 and CLL #1002 (feat. Gary Marshall) are lost to time, likely forever. (not Anymore past me!)

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#1743 Loveline Nostalgia with Superfan Giovanni

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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