GLL Episode 968

CLL #968 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts)

06/15/1999 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – TobyDog Tape (2008) 

This is a new export of the only known source for this episode, the episode is nearly 100% complete, only missing a few seconds if anything at all. Adam rants about first class travel, Dr. Drew plays dumb when a girl calls in about her hymen and it’s the final episode to air before the premier of The Man Show on Comedy Central.

Unclepenny Notes:

– Smash Mouth in tomorrow, Man show premiers tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th
– Adam back from Chicago, Drew back from NY, Thursday was a Best of, the refer back to Sunday and Bruce was in last night.
– This archived calendar shows the Freestylers as being on the show the 17th and the 13th being a Best of Show and the 15h being a No Guest show which makes sense according to this recording:

Bumper Music Breakdown

Intro Music: MxPx – Under Lock and Key (Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo)

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